How Digital Experience (DX) affects Enterprise Collaboration

On average how long would you say it takes for you to accomplish one project task on your own? Now, envision that one task completed by you and four other people. I’m sure a few of your hair went grey just thinking of the multiple dings on your phone AND the thread of emails you would have to read to make ONE change on that report which isn’t nearly complete yet.

Turns out, you haven’t been quiet about the enterprise communication challenge either. And kudos to you for that!

Enterprise communication software has been around for decades and continuously goes through rigorous innovation and change. But the focus has shifted from the IT departments to the end users. IT departments had the responsibility to investigate the best solutions (ha!). Now employees are more vocal about their own preferences.

Here is the reason. Today, enterprise collaboration is an office essential, and digital innovation has made it more user friendly for the employees. Enterprise communication software should be easy to use and efficient and the companies succeeding in enterprise have made substantial developments to make the features more intuitive, user-friendly, and engaging.

Win-Win Scenario

In the past, communication solutions were more focused on one-on-one interaction as opposed to multi-user. Newer platforms such as Readyportal display a stronger emphasis on team collaboration. They provide solutions that provide end-users with the ability to efficiently work with a larger audience and share ideas in a convenient fashion.

The ultimate goal of enterprise communication is to empower the organization as a whole but more importantly the end-user. This goal holds true for digital experience (DX) as well. With the spread of easy-to-use messaging apps, employees became more comfortable with working and communicating on their mobile devices. Research even showed that nearly 80% of US employees considered the use of computers and mobile devices for work after normal business hours as a positive development. Bearing that in mind and the evolution of social media platforms, many Americans were more comfortable using features like status updates and like buttons. Today, enterprise communication platforms borrow such features and embed them into their interface instead of creating something entirely new for people to learn. This not only removes additional roadblocks but also makes employees more confident to use enterprise technology while enjoying their digital experience.

Customize, Customize, Customize

Small start-up of 3 or a team of 3,000, you can easily find a service provider that will accommodate to your needs. This feature was non-existent to most organizations in the past.

Customizing the communication experience is an integral facet of DX. Most successful DX stems from targeted and personalized experiences. Due to the proliferation of enterprise collaboration tools, businesses of all sizes find that digital innovation has made the experience from purchase to implementation more flexible as many companies provide solutions that can easily be scaled to client needs.

When it comes to intranet customization, managers can easily leverage user data to determine which features are being used more than others and which aren’t being used at all. This will allow managers to better understand where to devote their resources and areas where employees can be better trained.

Enterprise communication software providers understand that their services are as good as their customized solutions. The more they are able to scale the more successful they are with their clients and their business. Cookie cutter models are a concept of the past. That being said, enterprises need to also beware of the difference between customized solutions for efficient workplace collaboration and oversaturated platforms with add-ons that detract from the ultimate goal. Enterprise communications shouldn’t be cluttered or overwhelm employees, rather it should seamlessly integrate into business dynamics and move along tasks efficiently with precision.

Enterprise collaboration has advanced dramatically, from fax machines to email and video conferencing, we’ve definitely come a long way and are sure to continue advancing.

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