How Intranets Create Satisfied Employees and Boost Workplace Productivity

Companies are constantly looking for ways to improve business productivity of their employees. But what many companies fail to realize is that “Happy Employees are Productive Employees.” When one thinks of a happy work environment, they think about being collaborative. When employees are able to share their ideas, stay on the same page with company goals and vision, and get recognition for a job well done, they ultimately achieve clarity and a sense of purpose.

So the main question is how do you make them happier?

A simple but great way to accomplish this is by having a company Intranet. Providing your employees with an Intranet portal to access important company information can be an effective and inexpensive way to make a big impact in the way your employees work. But, it can’t be just any Intranet. Your Intranet platform should allow the company to think with one mind and speak with one voice regarding corporate and departmental goals. All of these capabilities drive results and employees satisfaction.

Here are some of the top features of a company Intranet that will help employees become more productive:

Department Requests and Workflows:  Due to the disperse of employees in different department, working from different branch offices as well as being mobile, having a departmental workflow will help increase your team’s output. By allowing automation of cross-department workflow, your company will eliminate any unnecessary steps and thereby deliver results more efficiently and effectively.

This means, that the intranet should provide the ability to request something from a department by category and have the request get routed to the appropriate department. The employee who brought up the request should also be updated of the progress throughout the process while the manager by department should be able to see when the task is open, in progress, and closed or archived.

Event Calendar: The ability to share marketing and/ or corporate event calendar is mandatory. Most companies want to share any upcoming company and marketing events with their associates. Be it a company Christmas Party or a departmental meeting for BOD, having one place to share these upcoming events keeps it all well-organized and efficient.

Social: With the rise of social media, companies have also observed that their end-users want their intranets to also be social. They want the ability to have similar features such as Like, Follow, Share and provide a ‘shout-out’ or positive feedback on a job well done by their peers. Some companies have even advanced their intranets to incorporate birthdays, work anniversaries as well.

Mobile Ready: We all check our emails on our phones to stay clear of any unread emails. This means that having an intranet system that isn’t mobile responsive will only cause a drop in productivity. End-users should be able to work off their mobile devices, not just their desktop. Giving them the ability to access what they need and when they need it will boost productivity.

Search Directory (By person, department and skill set): Being able to search through your intranet portal should make an employee’s life easier. Searching an employee by their name, location, and department as well as by a specific skill set will make the search process more effective.

Let me elaborate with an example: Asma from HR needs some assistance on her PowerPoint and is therefore looking to find someone in the office who is great with that skill set. If skill sets are listed on an employee’s profile, they will show up in the results for those keywords. Asma doesn’t waste her time contacting random associates in marketing to find out if they can help with her PowerPoint, instead she keys in PowerPoint and finds that Ahmed from IT has those skills. After Asma locates Ahmed on the system, she should be able to Instant Message or email him directly from the portal. Asma IM’s Ahmed with the request and has her work completed. Turns out Intranets are also helpful with matchmaking, Asma and Ahmed are happily married now!

In short, having the following features incorporated into your Intranet will drive the adoption of your Intranet site and provide an overall increase in productivity and satisfied employees.



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